Smaragd Park
Mature quality lifestyle!
Reifer Lebensstil mit Qualität!

Retire in style!
Retirees' residential park HUNGARY


We're aiming to build the 1st green village for retirees.
We want you to be a part of it!

Thus we shall all contribute to sustainable living, we will preserve this beautiful planet for the generations to come, and enjoy ourselves in a natural pure environment, with lots of activities at reach.

At a location gifted by nature, with great panoramic view, birds chirping around it and plants blooming and scenting as if in a well orchestrated symphony: "NATURE's SYMPHONY"

Walking in nearby forests, fishing at lakes, or even starting a new hobby like flying with gliders at the nearby airfield, or horse riding, is possible when living at Smaragd Park.

Solar panels at the roofs of the houses and the use of geothermy will provide the minimum carbon footprint, whilst will supply with state-of-the-art living conditions throughout the year.

Lots of indoor activities like gym, sauna, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, ball room, cafés, will keep you busy and will get you many new friends.

Smaragd Park will be the village of the future, for people who appreciate good living!